The Far Side of Astronomy

The links in blue are some of the most fascinating stories I've come across. The links in orange are some of my more amusing thoughts and experiences. Enjoy.

Who Wants to be An Astronomer  A compilation of my journey into astronomy and what I have learnt. Notes from my personal excursions . May they be of some amusement to those who seek their own excursions into the astronomical realms. 

For those just beginning astronomy, I have a link especially for you at . May this aid your journey to the stars.

The Voynich Manuscript A fascinating read for the imaginative mind on how such an unassuming text could baffle the most intelligent minds of our planet. ;
The Buddhist Philosophy For those who seek enlightenment; For those who seek release from the circle of suffering and life as we know it. Not to mention that Buddhism has some interesting answers to the creation of the universe including theories on blackholes ... and whiteholes. ; An upcoming page with quotations from this great book I read on "The Buddha's Explanation of the Universe". . work in progress
Cultural Astronomy A collection of cross-cultural stories on astronomy from my travels, from books and articles that I've read. . Similarly, a section on literature.
Humour of the Astronomical Kind What will we do without laughter? Even astronomers have their own brand of humour. Some samples and their links are available on 
Spaced Art My tribute to those who have melted their pens to bring out humour in the universe on paper . A selection from "Calvin and Hobbes" by Bill Watterson. (I hope to add more from other artists in time.) 
Universal  Laws  Universal Laws from Murphy and his astronomy disciples. : "Lodriguss' Laws of Astrophotography", and  the "The Ten Commandments for Amateur Astronomers".
Music "(South Pacific) Star Party Blues", a ballad by Eugene O'Connor from the starrynights list, as shared by Susan Delaney. "The Galaxy Song" by Monty Python. "Nocturne" from Vietnam (translated)

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